I speak so that I can be heard. My voice is used to explore and expose what has defined me, how I have responded, and how I choose to continue living within those terms.

“Rorschach Memories” is an exploration of life stages through psychology and nature. If you lay on your side next to a calm body of water, the abstraction is mesmerizing. Shape, form, and color fold into a maze of visual insanity. The always-already-present reality before you becomes secondary to the ways in which the subconscious is invigorated.

This series of photographs is carefully organized with “(Childhood)” at the center, followed by “(Adolescence)” and “(Twenty-Something)” acting as subsequent layers on both sides. Each stage of life surrounds the underlying identities, hugging the pre-existing persona as if to complexify what came prior.

“Rorschach Memories” is a self-portrait and document of my journey, but it is also an invitation to lose yourself in the memories that collectively fuel your being.