visual artist

“I am a wholehearted observer driven by curiosity.”

At the age of 19, Jonathan traveled to Nepal. He packed a camera (one with film no less) and somewhere between the stupas of Kathmandu and the hiking trails of Annapurna, Jonathan considered himself an artist. Some 20+ years later, he’s still enthralled with the wandering spirit of a lifelong creative.

Whether we’re talking about drawing, painting, photography or cinematography, I love how images have the power to spark memory, meaning, and emotion.

My interest in art began in my senior year of high school when I was awakened to the world through travel. Trips to Nepal and Thailand had me reaching for my creative tools again and again in an attempt to describe the awe and adventure of experiencing the diverse and vast world that we live in.

Even today, after two art degrees, numerous awards, and over twenty years working as a creative, I am still enthralled with the way art can be used to convey the most beautiful, daring, and passionate moments of our lives.